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Thermal Imaging

How it Works

Thermal imaging has been described as the most important tool to hit the home inspection industry since the flashlight.  Thermal imaging cameras use infrared heat sensing technology to create a “heat signature” photograph called a thermograph.  Each thermograph shows a “thermal range” of all items pictured, with the brightest colors indicating high temperature areas and dark blue indicating the coolest areas.

How It’s Used in Home Inspection

Thermal imaging is used by home inspectors to evaluate the portions of plumbing and electrical systems that are enclosed in walls and to detect energy loss issues such missing insulation and poorly sealed doors and windows.  This technology also detects overheating water pumps and electric motors like those found in ceiling fans.

This thermal image indicates significant heat loss coming from a poorly sealed window frame.

This image shows a main electrical panel with a defective circuit breaker.

This image depicts missing insulation in the attic above.

This image shows an overheating electric motor.

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