Wind Mitigation Inspection

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A Wind Mitigation Inspection is performed to determine the ability of a home to withstand damage due to high winds and flying debris.  Wind mitigation inspectors assess risk factors, including the home’s location, and then evaluate certain construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes. These features include reinforced concrete walls, a hip roof, impact resistant doors and windows, a wind rated garage door, gable end roof reinforcement, roof decking and roof to wall attachments, storm shutters, and a secondary water resistant barrier.

These wind resistant construction features are compiled on a Florida Standardized Insurance Form (1802 Report) along with supporting documentation which is submitted to your insurance company for the purpose of reducing your homeowner’s insurance premium.

​The Law (Florida Statute 627.711) that requires your insurance company to provide you with discounts based on your submission of a Standardized Wind Mitigation Report can be downloaded from this page.

You should allow the inspector 60-90 minutes to complete the inspection and because the Windstorm Report requires a signature, it is recommended that the homeowner be present.

Florida Mitigation Form 1802