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Home Inspector Experience and Innovation

Over the past six years, the founders of Florida Certified Inspections have completed thousands of home inspections, working exclusively for the banking industry. During this period, Florida experienced a record-breaking number of mortgage foreclosures, resulting in an overwhelming number of requests for inspections. In order to keep up with the demand, it became necessary to seek out and adopt new technologies that would reduce the amount of time needed to complete a detailed home inspection. Now we are making this technology available to the mainstream real estate market. With our technology, we have introduced a better, faster, less expensive alternative to traditional home inspections. 


We Have Built An Innovative And More Efficient Way

Certain aspects of a home inspection require considerable attention to detail, while others, like taking roofing measurements, are labor-intensive and cost home inspectors valuable time. We do not consider rushing through an inspection. Instead, we rely on technologies adopted from other industries to efficiently complete certain tasks associated with our work. With these capabilities, we reduce on-site inspection time which saves our customers time and money. 


Our Commitment To Customer Service

At Florida Certified Inspections, we combine advanced technology, quick and efficient service, and affordable prices to deliver an unbeatable home inspection experience. Starting with your initial call, through the delivery of your detailed home inspection report, we strive to exceed your expectations. Contact us for a home or property inspection today.