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Our Home Inspection Technology

We use 11 diagnostic tools and technologies to deliver the most comprehensive and detailed home inspection possible.  These technologies allow us to detect more than 20 hidden defects that are undetectable to the naked eye.

The Technology Behind Better Home Inspections

Infrared Imaging – This technology allows us to see into enclosed walls to detect plumbing and electrical defects, and to spot energy loss through poorly sealed doors and windows.

Electronic Pulse Induction – We use this technology to access the structural integrity of your home.

Laser Thermography – Used to detect overheating water pumps & ceiling fan motors and to access the accuracy of air conditioner, oven, refrigerator, & freezer controls.

Digital Flow Meter – Used to confirm sufficient GPM water flow to shower heads.

Microwave Radiation Detection – Used to detect radiation leaks in microwave ovens.

Analog Pressure Measurement – Used in timed pressure testing to detect plumbing leaks and water supply issues.

Moisture Level Detection – Used to determine moisture levels in building materials.  Readings above 20% indicate threat of wood rot and mold growth.

Electronic Diagnostics – Used to detect improperly wired or failing wall outlets including GFCI and AFCI outlets.

Digital Voltmeter – Used to diagnose and confirm electrical supply issues and detect electrical fire hazards.

Laser Measurement Embedded Photography – We use data embedded photography to provide highly accurate laser measurements of your home’s exterior.  Great to have on hand when looking for estimates.

Integrated Reporting Software – Our software reads the data plate on appliances, electrical service panels, and HVAC equipment to deliver age of unit, recall status, and owner’s manual.

This is an infrared image of an electrical defect detected in a home inspection by Florida Certified Home Inspections.

FIRE HAZARD:  This overheating circuit breaker was detected with a FLIR Infrared Imaging camera

This is an image of a laser thermography tool used by Florida Certified Home Inspections to detect potential home repairs.

REPAIR INDICATED:  This unusually high laser thermography reading detected a refrigerant leak in the air conditioning coil.

This set of images shows both a regular image and a thermal image of a leaking skylight discovered by Florida Certified Home Inspections.

MOLD GROWTH CONDITION:  The thermal image on the right shows a leaking skylight.  When it rains, water flows along the roof trusses and behind the enclosed portion of the wall.  The image on the left shows what you would see without thermal imaging.

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