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Home Inspection

Serving Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter and Lake Counties

Buyer’s Home Inspection
4 Point Inspection
Wind Mitigation Inspection
Pre-Sale Inspection

To truly appreciate the depth and detail of our home inspections, it might be helpful for you to understand what a normal home inspection entails.  Let’s start with a simple definition:

“A Home Inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling, often 

performed in connection with a transfer of ownership, designed to identify observable 

material defects within specific systems and components of said dwelling”

So if there’s a problem the Home Inspector will find it and report it to you…right?  Not necessarily.  If the vague nature of the definition wasn’t enough to raise your concerns, then the Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice should definitely get your alarm bells ringing.  These SOP’s clearly state all the things that are not included in a home inspection including termites, mold, private wells, irrigation systems, swimming pools, sea walls, boat docks, utility sheds, and more.  If that weren’t enough these SOP’s also limit the number of electrical outlets, doors and windows to be inspected, as well as limiting what parts of the plumbing system will be checked.  The end result is a very limited inspection lasting 2-3 hours (depending on the size of the home) where only a  “representative number” of items will be evaluated.

So, what makes Florida Certified Inspections different from the rest?

Our Exclusive 300-Point Inspection And Low Flat Pricing That Includes All This

  • We report the presence of  insects, rodents, mold and termites
  • We inspect pools, spas, sea walls and boat docks,
  • We inspect private well systems, septic systems and irrigation systems
  • We inspect EVERY appliance, electrical outlet, switch, light, door, window, lock, hinge baseboard and closet.
  • We include infrared and laser thermography, sonar and moisture meter technology at no additional cost.
  • We inspect crawl spaces, attics, sheds and older homes at no additional cost. 
  • We include a 3-year repair cost projection on roofs, household appliances, HVAC systems and water heaters. 
  • We spend an average of 3.5 hours inspecting your home.

Our inspectors complete more than twice the educational credit hours required for Florida Home Inspection.   

Most people schedule their home inspection shortly after the seller accepts their offer.  Our services include the use of many technologies that have been adopted from other industries.  We use these technologies to speed up the inspection process.

Also, if you’re thinking about selling a home in Orlando, Altamonte Springs Leesburg or Winter Garden we offer a pre-sale home inspection that may interest you. Why not call and schedule a home inspection?  Now seems to be the time to sell yourhome.  Florida home prices have risen substantially in recent years so you’re likely to get the price you want.  New home sales seem to be hampered by a lack of available land, according to developers, so your existing home is likely to sell quickly.

Other home inspection services offered in Orlando, Kissimmee, St Cloud, The Villages, Altamonte Springs Leesburg and Winter Garden include wind mitigation inspectionbuyer’s home inspectionpre-sale home inspection and 4 Point inspection.  Hopefully, one of thesehome inspection services is right for you.  Wind Mitigation inspections are performed to allow homeowners to take advantage of insurance discounts available to them under Florida Statute 627.711 which requires insurance companies to provide discounts for certain construction practices that tend to better withstand high winds.

Not all home inspection companies are alike.  If you plan to schedule a home inspection , please call us at 800-722-6993.  You’ll be happy you did.  We offer fast service and unbeatable customer service at prices that are MORE than competitive.  I hope you give us the opportunity to serve you soon.