​​5 Things Everyone Should Know About Home Inspection

​​5 Things Everyone Should Know About Home Inspection

I find it disturbing that you have to learn these things here rather than through some government backed initiative but this is the world we live in…and you’re here now…so read on.  I hope you learn something that saves you money!

1.  Your Florida  wind storm insurance policy accounts for about 70% of your total homeowner’s insurance premium.

2.  Your insurance company bases your wind storm rate on the assumption that your home was built with sub-standard construction practices…even if it’s brand new.  They use this default classification to justify charging you the highest premium possible for wind storm protection.  They will never change this classification unless you pay for a wind mitigation inspection and provide them with a report detailing your home’s wind resistant features.

3.  If you submit a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form to your insurance company, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to reduce your insurance premium by 10% to 45% depending on the number of wind resistant construction features built into your home.

4.  These discounts are guaranteed to you by Florida Statute 627.711.

5.  Wind Mitigation Reports are valid for 5 years.  If you haven’t lived in your home long, you might check with the previous owner to see if they have had a wind mitigation inspection; they’re valid for up to 5 years and transferable.

Your insurance agent can tell you the amount of discount they award for each of these wind resistant construction features.  This should help you determine your cost vs. benefit.  Generally speaking, if your house was built after 2002 or if it has a hip roof (see photo) the insurance discounts will more than offset the cost of inspection.

Reinforced concrete walls

90% hip roof

Impact resistant doors, windows & skylights

Wind rated garage door

Gable end roof reinforcement

Roof decking and roof to wall attachments

Storm shutters

Secondary water resistant roof barrier.

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